Case Studies

Diver Tracking System

MicroNav USBL Tracking and Positioning (288kb)

Mammal detection sonar solution for SeaGen

Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) is an industry pioneering developer of tidal stream generation technology. The company is committed to (97kb)

Real-time monitoring of FPSOs

As an owner/operator partnership, Teekay and BP are dedicated to monitoring and maintaining the riser integrity on the Petrojarl Foinaven FPSO, (99kb)

Search and rescue with side scan sonar

StarFish 990F is the ultimate high-resolution sonar option from the range of compact and lightweight StarFish (263kb)

Port survey using StarFish 990F

Tritech’s shallow-water side scan provides high-resolution imagery to help locate and identify objects (448kb)

Counting fish with the Gemini sonar - salmon migration

Prince William Sound Science Centre (PWSSC) is a community-based non-profit organisation based in Alaska (96kb)

Shark detection sonar solution for SMS

Th e controversial topic of shark management has thus far been addressed with strategies such as drumlines, shark nets and tagging systems (144kb)

Harbour survey using Hammerhead & StarFish

The SeaKing Hammerhead mechanical scanning imaging sonar is a versatile sonar and has dual-frequency (467kb)

Gemini 620pd used for decommissioning survey

Tritech’s Gemini 620pd profiling sonar achieves accurate bathymetric data to assist with a decommissioning survey in the Southern North Sea (460kb)

SMRU Limited report on Marine Life, Renewables & Sonars

Currently, there is a high level of uncert ainty surrounding the environmental impacts of marine renewable energy devices on marine wildlife (3.8MB)