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A short video provided by DWTEK of a Tritech Gemini 720is sonar installed on one of their ROVs. This demo took place at the Taipei Defence Expo 2017.

DWTEK are the first marine equipment manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan and have a focus on the design and production of ROVs and related components including subsea connectors, propulsion systems, cameras, LED Lights and Navigation sensors. DWTEK's goal is to build an Asia-wide subsea inspection system by integrating innovatively  efficient equipment and 1st hand resource and deployment of their equipment by offering in-time customised service.   

 DWTEK and Tritech have been working together since 2013 and have utilised a range of Tritech sonars on their ROVs. The DWTEK ROV above is equipped with a Tritech Gemini 720is and a Tritech Super SeaKing sonar for excellent underwater visibility. 



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