Enviro-Tech Diving

Industry Sectors:

Energy, Defence, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles, Academic & Research

Enviro-Tech Diving Inc. is a Pacific Northwest based dive company who have utilised Tritech’s products within their diving services business. They have been a leading provider of regulatory surveys for various clients and provide diversified underwater services.

They utilize the MicroNav to track and guide their divers during environmental surveys, especially in low visibility conditions. The divers often use the system to map pipelines and docks to aid in underwater maintenance and construction.

They also utilise the MicronNav to track the location of their ROVs which they use to assist divers in these missions:

Tritech International and Enviro-Tech Diving Inc. have been working together for several years and continue to work together on new technology. For more information on Enviro-Tech Diving Inc, follow the link below:


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