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Energy, Defence, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles, Academic & Research

The Kenautics DiNIS D2 swimboard utilises the Tritech Gemini 1200ik  dual frequency sonar. The Gemini 1200ik is the newest product from Tritech and is ideal for long range target detection and short range inspection. 


Kenautics Inc. are based in Encinitas, California, USA where they design and manufactured technology for divers. 

The Kenautics DiNIS D2 is ideal for diver navigation in poor visibility conditions by incorporating Tritech multibeam sonar technology to give a real-time image of up to 120m. The DiNIS D2 also includes Waypoint navigation and video imagery and is utilised in a number of different industries including Search & Recovery and Military diving.


Kenautics Inc. have been working with Tritech International for a number of years and have integrated Tritech technology into both the DiNIS and DiNIS D2.  More information on Kenautics Inc. can be found at their website:


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