Customer Installation - Outland Technology

Industry Sectors:

Energy, Defence, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles, Academic & Research

The Outland Technology ROV 2500 with a Tritech Gemini 1200ik  dual frequency sonar. The Gemini 1200ik is the newest product from Tritech and is ideal for long range target detection and short range inspection. 

 Outland Technology Inc. was established in 1984 in Gretna, Louisiana, US, and has since expanded and relocated into an extensive 13,500 sq ft design and manufacturing facility headquartered in Slidell, Louisiana.

Outland’s rugged and dependable solutions have been developed on the basis of valuable in-field experience and industry expertise, combining high-tech performance capabilities with unique safety features to deliver consistently reliable and cost-effective products.

Outland's ROVs are utilised in a variety of different industries and applications including Military operations, Search and Recovery missions and Oil and Gas inspections. 

Outland Technology have been working with Tritech International for over ten years.  More information on Outland technology can be found at their website:


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