Gemini SeaTec - Marine Object Tracking and Target Detection

Gemini SeaTec - Marine Object Tracking and Target Detection

The Gemini sonar is already internationally proven as a real-time underwater imaging sensor, predominately in the Oil & Gas and Defence industry. Now with an enhanced software provision, a new application is helping to identify and track marine life and objects in open water environments, around tidal turbines and other subsea structures.

How it Works

The Gemini SeaTec System utilises the industry standard Gemini hardware, combined with Gemini SeaTec software (an adaption of Tritech’s standalone Gemini software) to provide intuitive object detection and target tracking capabilities; to subsequently classify targets based on the probability of them being a specific, predetermined target type. For example, dolphins and debris; the former being the target the operator requires to be tracked and the latter omitted from tracking.

View some videos on the sonar and software in action here, including how the software classifies targets.


Gemini SeaTec software - no target tracking          

Gemini SeaTec software - target tracking activated

The Gemini sonar housing is aluminium as standard, however, this can be adapted to suit specific deployment requirements.

The Benefits of Gemini SeaTec

Real-time monitoring of marine environments can provide the operator with an early warning signal to allow immediate corrective action to be taken. Additionally, the log and target data collected can be reviewed for analysis of marine mammal behaviour, which can be used to inform future environmental impact assessments.

The Gemini SeaTec System is therefore ideal where the close range interactions between marine life may need to be monitored, particularly around subsea structures. Other applications include general environment monitoring around tidal turbines, as adopted by Irish tidal company, OpenHydro, read more here.


Tritech has developed a marine mammal behavioural monitoring system, working closely with the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) Ltd at the University of St. Andrews to develop the Gemini SeaTec System, trialling its capabilities as an early warning system for the protection of marine life around a marine current turbine.

For more information read the case study here.


Off the coast of South Africa, operators were looking for an effective method to monitor marine life where they discovered stingray were present in the vicinity.

View the log data imagery here.


Following successful initial trials, the Gemini SeaTec system is being adapted for a customer to provide a viable alternative to current shark defence systems. The standard Gemini SeaTec System has been proven to be effective, however, modifications are being made to the current software and hardware in order to increase performance and coverage in order to reduce the number of false positives.

For a video on the early testing of the system and Gemini sonar, click here.

For a news piece on testing of the system click here.

Image above of a School of Dolphins as captured by the Gemini SeaTec, for the full video click here - data courtesy of the Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Curtin University, Western Australia and the DoC.

First published 27 July 2015.
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