Tritech Demonstrates Innovation with Gemini Imaging Sonar

Tritech Demonstrates Innovation with Gemini Imaging Sonar
Industry Sector: Underwater Vehicles

Tritech's new real-time multibeam imaging sonar, Gemini 720i has received an encouraging response from the industry. Suitable for multiple applications, Gemini’s fast update imaging has already reduced customer operation time in offshore construction work and body search and recovery trials.

Launched in September 2009, at the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Showcase, (UUVS), Southampton, sales of Gemini exceeded expectations during the first week of its launch, with a strong order book into this year. Tritech's continued innovation in multibeam technology will see further expansion of its multibeam product portfolio during 2010, including the launch of a deeper rated Gemini and a multibeam profiler.

Recent trials carried out in a flooded quarry, used for diver training, demonstrated the image clarity Gemini can achieve as a high-resolution imaging sonar. Various underwater targets were identified from submerged objects, including a Hawker Hunter fighter aircraft, where the benefits of Gemini’s long range detection made targets visible past 120m.

To support these innovations, Tritech continues to invest in its staff to foster and grow expertise within the company. Matt Winfield, newly appointed Survey Business Development Manager, is a recent addition to Tritech's technical sales, bringing with him many years of experience using multibeam sonar technology as an offshore engineer.

Commenting on Tritech's Gemini, Matt said: "I am encouraged by Gemini's performance having worked with some of Tritech's customers to conduct field trials with the sonar; its ability to dramatically reduce operations time, compared to traditional mechanically scanning sonar technology, is proving to be of real benefit to our customers."

Tritech has also recently appointed a Product Line Manager for Acoustic Imaging, Ben Grant. Ben is involved in the long-term development of Gemini as well as the Company's established mechanical scanning sonar range. Ben and the wider team also offer support and training from the dedicated centre at Tritech’s Westhill offices, complete with full test systems for practical work.

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