Tritech Employees Influence the Next Generation

Tritech Employees Influence the Next Generation

Two Employees from Tritech's North American Office are Encouraging Students

Sales Engineer, Ruben Morales, has been selected as a speaker for a school STEM programme.

Ruben, a former submariner with the US Navy, has been selected for the 'Nifty Fifty Program'; a group of 200 science and engineering professionals who speak to schools around America about their STEM related careers. Ruben was nominated by the Marine Technology Society (MTS) and will be presenting to students in the Washington D.C. area.

Ruben comments:

“I believe there are students out there who think they could never be an engineer, or they say to themselves, ‘I’m not smart enough to do that!'. I want them to know that not only are they smart enough but that there are many people eager to help them along the way.”

Maria Adams, Executive Administrative Assistant, has also been selected by MTS for their Student Leadership Forum. As a mentor, Maria will work with an assigned student to assure their MTS project stays on track. The project goal is to retain talented and motivated students to enable a stronger student program and Marine Technology Society.


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