Tritech Starfish 990F Sonar Finds Body of Missing Swimmer in North Florida

Tritech Starfish 990F Sonar Finds Body of Missing Swimmer in North Florida


After two days of searching for the missing swimmer in Flager County, Florida, a team using the Tritech Starfish 990F Sonar was brought in and located the body within 2 hours of the sonar’s first mission. Several other agencies in the area had already been searching for the missing swimmer for 2 days but had been unable to locate the body.


Dive Team Operations Coordinator, Deputy Thomas Keisler, who used the sonar system on scene said: ‘It’s all about bringing closure to the family. It’s already a very horrific event for family and loved ones so it’s about bringing that person home quickly.’


The water conditions added to the challenging task of locating the missing swimmer with Deputy Keisler explaining: ‘Where we are in North Florida, 90% of the water that we dive in is pitch black: you cannot see anything.’ 


These difficult water conditions can make diving and working in the water complicated and dangerous due to the lack of visibility. Deputy Keisler said: ‘We’re now using the device to scan the bottom before we put divers in the water to give them an idea of what obstructions we have on the bottom. Our waters are so dark here in North Florida, we have no idea what’s down there.’


The Tritech Starfish 990F Sonar is specially designed to work in shallow waters, is easy to use and to install. About the system, Deputy Keisler said: ‘We need something very quick, and just a rapid response system that we can get in the water and start searching, and this one definitely does that.’


This compact system is light, transportable and affordable. For more product information, click here.


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