Underwater Rescue Challenge for Tritech's Gemini 720i

Underwater Rescue Challenge for Tritech's Gemini 720i
Industry Sector: Underwater Vehicles

Launched in June at the National Fire & Rescue Show 2010, Harrogate, SARbot™ is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) rescue package, specifically designed for speed and ease of deployment.

The intelligent technology onboard SARbot™, a modified LBV (Little Benthic Vehicle) system from San Diego-based SeaBotix Inc., includes Tritech’s high resolution imaging sonar, Gemini 720i. Low visibility conditions often restrict effective underwater search and rescue; however Gemini 720i provides clear, real-time sonar imagery which enables rapid response scanning of underwater environments. The rescue effort is further assisted by an onboard camera.

SARbot™ is equipped with a mechanical arm which can securely grip the person and via a 100kg working load, onshore rescue personnel can pull the person to shore.

The SARbot™ rescue package also includes Tritech’s new high-frequency StarFish 990F side scan sonar. Towed from a vessel, StarFish 990F provides high definition sonar imagery for target identification. StarFish can cover hundreds of metres of an underwater search area, in a relatively short period of time.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service (FRS), helped develop the prototype SARbot™, having experienced problems locating and rescuing persons in challenging conditions.

Mike Broadbent, Tritech International, comments: "We are proud to be involved in such a pioneering project for SAR. This is indeed a new application for Tritech’s innovative products and demonstrates the application of our commercial products to the benefit of the third sector, which will potentially help save many lives."

Jesse Rodocker, SeaBotix Inc., comments: "The Tritech Gemini 720i imaging sonar is a critical component of the SARbot™ enabling rescue teams to locate and rescue the drowning person in a more rapid response time than previously thought possible. Without the Gemini rescue teams are flying blind."

The SARbot™ rescue package has been developed in conjunction with SeaBotix Inc., San Diego, California, USA, Tritech International, Westhill, Aberdeen, UK and Marine Simulation LLC, North Carolina, USA.

For more information on SARbot™, please visit: www.seabotix.com/products/sarbot.htm or contact SeaBotix Inc at: marketing@SeaBotix.com

For further details on StarFish 990F and the range of Starfish Seabed Imaging Systems, please visit:www.starfishsonar.com.


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