World’s Smallest Multibeam Sonar - First Unit Delivered

World’s Smallest Multibeam Sonar - First Unit Delivered

The world’s smallest multibeam imaging sonar, the Gemini 720im, which was launched last month by Tritech International, has received significant interest within the industry. The delivery of the first unit has been made to Hoytek, a specialist in the design and development of high-end subsea systems. Hoytek have already been using Tritech’s Micron DST Sonar and the Super SeaPrince DST Sonar on their ROVs. The Company has extensive experience of developing solutions that meet demanding operational requirements in a broad range of subsea applications. One of their most recent projects is the design and build of a new ROV, named the ‘Demre’, which has been specifically designed for search & rescue (SAR) and underwater archeology operations of up to 200m.

The new sonar was handed over to Bulent Gokalp, co-founder and CTO of Hoytek at Oceanology International. Commented Mike Broadbent, “Tritech is delighted that Hoytek has selected another sonar from us to use on their vehicles. We work closely with the industry to ensure that we develop and engineer products that meet the imaging challenges encountered in the subsea environment. The compact dimensions and low weight of the Gemini720im brings multibeam imaging capability to situations not previously possible”.

Hoytek will be exhibiting the new ROV together with the new Gemini720im at DSA in Kuala Lumpur, 16 – 19 April.

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