Multiple Sonar Interface Options

Industry Sectors:

Academic & Research, Energy, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles

The SeaKing Topside Interface has removed the need for separate power supplies and communication interfaces when using SeaKing sensors configured for RS485 comms.

The 110-240 VAC or 12-36 VDC input on the SeaKing Topside Interface results in a 72V DC output that allows for voltage drop over longer cables and, thanks to the wide voltage range of the latest Tritech SeaKing sensors, there is no concern of applying excessive power to your sensor.

The RS485 signal that communicates with the sensor is converted within this unit to a USB signal that can be connected directly to your computer.

This simplified, all in one, interface is supplied as part of the Hammerhead Mechanical Scanning Sonar, replacing the original topside interface which had a limited cable length capability due to the lower voltage output.


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