Tornado - Low Light Underwater Video Camera

The Tritech Tornado underwater video camera is a high quality low light camera system using the very latest CCD technology.

A ½" Interline CCD sensor provides a high-resolution 570 horizontal line monochrome picture. The camera module has a light sensitivity of 3x10-4 lux. The Tornado camera is contained within a new 4000m compact stainless steel housing fitted with a high quality water corrected acrylic view port.

The importance of the view port is often underestimated in underwater cameras. The acrylic view ports used on all Tritech cameras have similar refractive properties to that of water providing the optimum solution for deep water lenses. This ensures a clear and sharp picture during close proximity viewing in all water conditions.

The Tornado underwater video camera is supplied with a switchable high frequency boost amplifier making it suitable for use with short or long umbilicals.


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