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MicronNav - USBL Tracking System

Industry Sectors:

Academic & Research, Energy, Engineering, Survey, Underwater Vehicles

The MicronNav system is an innovative USBL tracking system designed for small ROV / AUV. It has been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the Tritech Micron sonar and other Tritech Micron products.

The system comprises of a subsea MicronNav unit, a surface USBL transducer unit with integral Magnetic Compass and Pitch / Roll sensors, a surface MicronNav 100 interface module and operating software under control of the customer host PC / Laptop.

MicronNav uses the very latest in Spread Spectrum acoustic technology, which provides a robust method for communications between the dunking transducers and the vehicle responder/ transponder.

The USBL Tracking Systemcan be used as stand-alone unit, powered by and communicating with the MicronNav through a spare RS232 port on the ROV (at 9600 baud) or RS485 through a spare screened twisted pair in the umbilical. Alternatively it can be integrated with the Tritech Micron sonar communicating via the sonar RS232 aux port.

The USBL transducer is designed to provide 180 degree hemispherical coverage below the transducer, allowing vehicle tracking in very shallow water. The design of the ROV MicronNav transducer provides omni-directional coverage.

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