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Multibeam Sonars

Gemini 720ik 360⁰

Custom Engineering Project - Using proven technology from the Tritech Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar, the Gemini 720ik 360⁰ is a fully integrated and cost-effective underwater monitoring system.

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With a 360° field-of-view, a large underwater environment can be monitored in real-time. Unlike mechanical scanning sonars, the Gemini 720ik 360⁰ generates 1536 beams simultaneously, making it ideal for monitoring targets in motion. Tritech’s advanced electronics have a proven track record of continuous operation for prolonged periods of time.

The sonar is capable of Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) processing for improved target separation. An integrated Velocity of Sound (VoS) sensor ensures accurate ranging. A built in attitude and heading reference system aids deployment accuracy.

Larger areas of water can be monitored when using the low frequency mode which increases the range from 120m to 150m, thereby providing up to 300m of coverage.

The system operates at acoustic frequencies above 200kHz to reduce the side effects of active sonar on marine life. This makes the Gemini 720ik 360° suitable sonar for long-term marine monitoring applications.

The software deployed with the sonar uses artificial intelligence in the form of deep learning models based on artificial neural networks. These models are used to detect and classify targets of interest to a higher degree of accuracy than previously possible. The models are trained by using previously acquired data and then used in real-time to detect and track targets. By using deep learning techniques, the improvement in identification accuracy reduces the amount of human supervision necessary.

When deployed for long periods of time, a method of rolling data can be implemented meaning storage requirements are kept to a minimum. Alternatively, the operator can also set the software to store only those files containing positive targets.

The system can generate configurable text reports and graphs to allow variations in activity over a large period of time to be analysed more conveniently.


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