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Mechanical Sonars

SeaKing Hammerhead

The SeaKing Hammerhead is at the forefront of sonar technology, offering high resolution, 360º mechanical scanning imaging.

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Utilising a wide transducer aperture, the SeaKing Hammerhead has a very fine mechanical step size and proven Digital Sonar Technology (DST), for outstanding image quality.

The operational range of the SeaKing Hammerhead is increased with two frequencies; a high chirped 935 kHz frequency to enable high-resolution imagery and a second chirped frequency, 675 kHz to allow for long range capability.

The wide transducer design allows for a very narrow horizontal beam to be created on both frequencies, to increase image resolution.

In addition, the SeaKing Hammerhead has a built in attitude sensor, which makes the unit ideal for tripod deployment*, giving the user a clear indication as to the position of the unit relative to the seabed. The unit also has an integrated three axis compass, to allow the sonar image bearing to be continually displayed and updated.

The SeaKing range of mechanical imaging sonars comprises the Super SeaKing, Super SeaPrince, MicronSonar and SeaKing Hammerhead. All products in the SeaKing family (or third-party products within the ArcNet communications link), can be run simultaneously, using the same processor and display; such as the Surface Control Unit (SCU) or a customer supplied PC or laptop.

*The SeaKing Hammerhead is available as a standalone sonar or as a complete survey package with top box and deployment tripod.

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