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Tritech has collaborated with marine technology company Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. (a subsidiary of Kraken Sonar Inc.) to bring a new concept to market, rivalling traditional technology. Tritech sells the Kraken-developed CVL, AquaTrak™, under the Tritech name and branding, through Tritech’s international network.


AquaTrak™ - Correlation Velocity Log (CVL)

Following extensive testing and initial discussions with customers, in January 2016, Tritech brought to market a new technology to optimise ROV control, the AquaTrak™ CVL.

The technology addresses the market requirement for a velocity log that can provide increased accuracy and higher precision for underwater navigation: high accuracy, particularly at low velocity. With a range of a 300 kHz DVL, AquaTrak™ represents a leap forward in velocity log technology, all from a single 3000m depth rated unit where additional Tritech sensors can enhance the product’s offering, such as the MicronNav USBL for aiding. 

The AquaTrak™ has been designed as a drop-in replacement for industry-standard DVLs and is suitable for deployment on ROVs or AUVs to provide high altitude bottom lock that dramatically improves long-term accuracy, reducing overall drift. Furthermore, by removing the reliance on the speed of sound input to calculate velocity, any system errors and biases are further reduced.

AquaTrak™ gives accurate velocity estimates at low speeds, as it does not rely on a Doppler Shift, which in turn requires movement to provide a robust velocity estimate making AquaTrak™ the ideal navigation tool for complex, low-speed manoeuvres, which are common operations for Workclass ROVs.

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