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Tritech has collaborated with smart software technology company SeeByte to integrate SeeByte’s target tracking capabilities into Tritech’s Gemini 720is and 720ik multibeam imaging sonar software and into SeeByte’s CoPilot software.


Gemini 720is and data acquisition and tracking software

The Gemini 720is and Gemini 720ik sonars provide enhanced real-time target tracking capabilities to users through SeeByte’s advanced tracking analytics. Users are able to track and follow objects within a wide 120-degree view and this advanced feature is now available as standard with the commercial off-the-shelf Gemini 720is and Gemini 720ik and the associated Gemini software package.

The Gemini sonars, integrated with SeeByte’s tracking software, permits users to effortlessly distinguish and track objects as identified by the sonar image.

Furthermore, software configuration can assist the identification and classification of shapes, giving operators the ability to better understand the environment, thus aiding decision-making. To aid inspection routines, the system can lock onto a particular object of interest.

Co-Pilot – SeeByte intuitive software package

CoPilot provides ROV pilots with a simple point-and-click tool to fly the ROV. It is already integrated in to Heriot-Watt’s Falcon ROV and can also be used to pilot other ROV systems. The integration of the SeeByte technology with Tritech’s multibeam sonars means that an ROV pilot can simply point to the object of interest (as displayed on the sonar data) and the ROV will automatically move to the required coordinates.

The combination of the Gemini and CoPilot in one integrated system allows end-users to get the most out of both the software and the sonar. Co-Pilot permits pilot controlled auto-transit and stop-and-hover, whilst providing automated sonar tracking and movement relative to a target. CoPilot is easily retrofitted to any ROV system and is also available as a standard factory assembly with VideoRay, Seatronics and SMD vehicles. 


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