Evo Software

Evo Software (720i, 720id, 720is, 720ik, NBI, 620pd)

The latest version is compatible with Windows™ XP, 2000.NT, Vista, 7, 8 & 10.

The Gemini multibeam products listed above can utilise this one software package
Latest version: Evo V2.1.6

For standalone deployment of a Tritech Gemini product, the Gemini software removes the complexities of running the unit as part of a larger, multi-device software application; where a large proportion of the functionality and options are not required.

The Gemini software application is supplied as a Windows™ installer package which installs the application along with a number of support files including a manual and quick start guide.

A software development kit is also available for autonomous vehicle operations.


There is the option to upgrade the standalone Gemini software to the Gemini SeaTec software for target tracking and classification applications.
Applications using the Tritech Gemini SeaTec software have included the tracking and detection of marine life around subsea turbine structures, view our track record here.

Network Multiple Tritech Sensors
Download Tritech SeaNet Pro to operate Gemini multibeam imaging products alongside other Tritech sensors such as the SeaKing DST sonar and SeaKing 704 Bathymetric system.

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