AltTest - Altimeter Test Software

Tritech AltTest software provides a simple way of communicating with Tritech altimeters and displaying the data. It is compatible with all Tritech PA / ST / Bathy altimeters running in various configurations.

The Tritech AltTest software displays real-time current and average altimeter altitudes. The average altitude is calculated using a user specified number of data samples and all altimeter data is plotted on a display chart.

AltTest can log the altimeter data in two formats, Raw or Processed. Raw will log the raw data string recieved from the altimeter for diagnostic purposes into a plain text file. Processed will log the current and average altitude readings along with all processing option settings into a CSV (Comma Seperated Value) file which can be imported into a spreadsheet package for post processing. All log data has the option to be time stamped and the files can be limited to a maximum number of records to make it easier to import.

AltTest Screen

AltTest has three operating modes:

  1. Free Running Mode
    Select Free Running Mode for a Tritech altimeter which has been configured to operate as a free running altimeter. When in free running mode, the altimeter is operating under its own control sending out data. It requires no interrogation from the AltTest program.
  2. ASCII Interrogate Mode
    Select ASCII Interrogate Mode for altimeters configured as ASCII addressable nodes (single character ASCII address in the range A to H). These units are always triggered by interrogation (i.e. they cannot free run). ASCII addressable units may be connected together on an RS485 or multidrop RS232 communications link. AltTest allows the user to select which addressable units are available for interrogation and display. Each node can be manually interrogated, or optionally, all available nodes can be automatically interrogated at a user defined interrogation rate.
  3. Z Interrogate / Bathy Mode
    Select Z Interrogate / Bathy Mode for an altimeter configured to be an interrogated altimeter or a Bathy altimeter. AltTest allows the user to manually interrogate the altimeter or automatically interrogate the altimeter at a user defined interrogation rate.

Tritech AltTest software has several data processing options available to the user. The number of data samples used to calculate the average altitude of the altimeter can be changed. A gating range can be applied, whereby, if an altitude reading falls outwith the gating range of the last valid altitude reading it will be ignored and regarded as a spike in the data. The user can also select how long to hold onto the last valid altitude reading before including current altitude readings.

If you have any problems or queries downloading the software, please contact our technical support team: or +44 (0) 1224 744111.