Micron/ Micron DST Sonar Software

V3.1 Micron Sonar Software

Micron Software for Tritech Micron/ Micron DST Sonar Heads. 

Please note:

These downloads are provided for existing users of Micron / Micron DST sonar heads for software upgrade purposes.

Micron software can be installed on a laptop / PC running Windows 2000 / XP / Vista & Windows 7/ 8 operating systems.

Please ensure that the correct version of the software is selected for download – the Windows 98 compatible version should not be installed on any non-Windows 98 machines.

The Micron software V3.1 is compatible up to Windows 8.1 (not Windows 98 or earlier), but is not available for later editions of the Windows OS.

For alternative software that is compatible with the Micron Sonar, please see the Seanet Pro download page. Note you may have to contact Tritech Support in order to obtain a licence key.

Click on the Download button below and run this file on the target PC to which the Micron Sonar is to be operated from. Follow on-screen instructions during the installation. After installation, 2 desktop shortcut icons will be created; 'Micron Sonar' and 'Micron Setup'

'Micron Setup' is the utility program that should be run first to check device connection and status. When the Micron Sonar head is connected to the serial COM port, the Micron sensor node (Node 2) will appear in the list.

'Micron Sonar' is the main control and display software for the Micron Sonar head. This application should never be run at the same time as 'Micron Setup'.

If you have any problems or queries downloading the software, please contact our technical support team: or +44 (0) 1224 744111.