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Seanet Pro & SONV3 - Survey Data Acquisition & Logging Software

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Seanet Pro

Previous Version: Seanet Pro V1.13*
Click here to read the Seanet Pro Release Notes

If you are looking for the latest release, click here.

Please note, Seanet Pro is available to all existing Tritech customers only and in order to download, you must enter the product key in the above box. The product key is as provided with your existing version of Seanet Pro software and can be found in the Seanet Pro 'Help' menu under 'About Seanet'.

*This is the legacy version of Seanet Pro. Please note that due to enhanced video capabilities, Seanet Pro V1.14 and later versions will no longer be compatible with Windows 95 / 98 operating systems. The latest version is compatible with Windows XP,2000,NT,Vista & 7. Although Seanet Pro is a 32-bit application, it has been tested and verified to run under 64-bit editions of these Operating Systems.

  1. Select the appropriate software installation from the list above (first 3)
  2. Click on the download button
  3. Enter your product key and save the installation file to a location on your PC's hard disk


Please note, this is now a retired product.


General Version: Eclipse V2.10

First Time Installation:

Please ensure the following prerequisites are installed on your Surface Processing Unit (SPU):

  • A suitable PDF reader
  • Windows Media Player 11 or newer
  • NVida drivers 258.96 – for CUDA 3.1
  • Run the downloaded installation file, and follow the instructions as prompted on screen

Upgrade of Existing Software:

  • Uninstall the previous version of the Eclipse software from the Control Panel
  • Search the C:\Windows directory and it’s subdirectories for any files named TVicHW*.* and delete them
  • Check all prerequisites listed above are installed
  • Run the downloaded installation file, and follow the instructions as prompted on screen

If you are using a COTS interface card (early systems), then a new shortcut will need to be made with a /seq4 extension added to the file path. If you are uncertain how to do this, please contact our technical support team: (

The SeaKing SONV3 software is available strictly for support purposes. This software is not configured for PC serial port control systems which use the surface RS-232 to ARCNET Translator box (SKIM-100). The software will operate on Win3.1x or Win9x platforms only.

IMPORTANT: Any users that have been supplied Sonars / Profiler / Bathys (from mid-October 2001 onwards), which will be labeled as containing 'SK5' boardsets must operate with V1.53 onwards. These units should be supplied with software updates.

The SONV3 software installation files have been packed into 3 self-extracting executables [Disk1.exe, Disk2.exe & Disk3.exe]. Click on the download button for each file and save the file to a location on your PC's hard disk. Once all three files have been downloaded, consult the installation instructions.

IMPORTANT: Please download all three files (DISK1.EXE, DISK2.EXE and DISK3.EXE) to a location on your PC's hard disk and NOT directly to a floppy disk or any other removable media as this may cause the files to be corrupted during data transfer.


If you have any problems or queries downloading the software, please contact our technical support team: or +44 (0) 1224 744111.