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Survey & Hydrographic

How our products are used for survey & hydrographic work.

We supply a range of professional underwater markets with our robust, reliable sensors. We have an array of products suitable for many survey applications from port and harbour survey to pipeline inspections.

Some of our most popular products for Survey and Hydrographic applications include:

Super SeaKing Profiler

Using composite transducer technology this mechanical scanning profiler offers substantially increased ranges and image resolution. Utilising side lobe suppression techniques, improved S/N ratios and a reduced beam width the Super SeaKing DFP Profiling Sonar provides high quality profile data never before available from a mechanical scanning profiler.

Gemini 620pd

Popular within pipeline/trench surveying, and dredging/rock-dump surveys, our high resolution echo sounder, the Gemini 620pd, benefits from advanced signal processing which allows it to produce high-performance bathymetry data. This bathymetry data is, in turn, output to industry recognised survey packages for processing including; EIVA, Hypack and QINSy.

Sub Bottom Profiler

Our Sub Bottom Profiler allows you to see what is below the seabed. This is extremely useful in geological surveys and for identifying the requirements for dredging work.

Super SeaKing Bathy

The bathy has been designed with a scientific option for use when a higher degree of accuracy is required and is regularly used in survey operations. The sensors offers highly accurate readings of conductivity and temperature, resulting in increased performance. The accuracy of the SeaKing Bathy means this sensor is utilised frequently in hydrographic surveys across the world.

SeaKing Hammerhead

Our SeaKing Hammerhead DST is the 360° mechanical scanning sonar suitable for detailed survey tasks including bridge or pier inspections. Real-time 2D and 3D imaging is available from our range of multibeam sonars, providing clear visualisation of the underwater environment.

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