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Custom Engineering

Tritech has a long history of bespoke engineering projects for our extensive customer base.

Our subsea sensor technology adapted for your operation.

At Tritech, we have a team of experienced engineers dedicated to working with clients to produce variations of standard products, as well as producing integrated solutions to help define, design and qualify new products to meet your requirements. Tritech can also look to work with you to provide a solution out of our catalogue of standard products.

Here are some examples of our most recent Custom Engineering Projects:
Gemini 360
Custom Engineering

Gemini 720ik 360°

Using proven technology from the Tritech Gemini 720ik multibeam imaging sonar, the Gemini 720ik 360⁰ is a fully integrated and cost-effective underwater monitoring system. With a 360° field-of-view, a large underwater environment can be monitored in real-time. Unlike mechanical scanning sonars, the Gemini 720ik 360⁰ generates 1536 beams simultaneously, making it ideal for monitoring targets in motion. Our advanced electronics have a proven track record of continuous operation for prolonged periods of time.

Dual Fequency Echosounder
Custom Engineering

Dual Frequency Echosounder

Using the field-proven Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeter technology, the dual frequency echosounder benefits from the same full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, as well as the advanced input dynamic range of the PA Altimeter family.

720is promo shot
Custom Engineering

Gemini 720is Underwater Pluggable - 5°, 10° and 20°

Our most popular multibeam sonar is now available with an enhanced range of beam widths to include 5° and 10° in addition to the existing 20° width.

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