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Genesis Update

Genesis V1.10

We're rolling out an exciting Tritech software update to enhance the functionality and performance of your navigation within the new version of Genesis v1.10. Stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovations in navigation technology, mission planning features, 3D Vehicle display, new altimeter GUI display improvements and much more…

Main Software Additions include the following (since v1.7.4):

  • Hammerhead Survey Sonar device interface and display added. Includes chart rendering of Image snapshots and georeferenced Image Export for creating mosaics in Tritech Image Tiler software.
  • 3D Vehicle display added. Includes Chart / Google Maps overlay option, Chart Marker / Waypoint display, Import of 3D STEP file models and display of a range of pre-loaded Gemini & Other 3D models.
  • Mission features added. Includes Chart Survey Lanes, Fly to Marker/Waypoint & Lane guidance, Port/Starboard steer to next/selected Waypoint indicator on Camera compass bar.
  • Chart has facility to display multiple chart bitmaps on top of Google Maps base layer. Hammerhead (Image Tiler) mosaics can also be imported as a bitmap layer.
  • Double click on a POI on georeferenced Gemini display to lay object marker on Chart.
  • Reduced Size Artificial Horizon Compass widget option. Reduced Size Spirit Level Compass widget.
  • Altimeter GUI display improvements.
  • Genesis Screen Capture to Video file - added MP4 and MPEG-2 file format options.
  • Changes to support Windows 11 and ultra high definition displays.
  • High definition camera input display option added (supports 16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Gemini display filters moved across from original Gemini software (e.g. Averaging, Persistence and Movement filters).
  • Gemini Range Line Saturation filter control added to subdue the ringing effects caused with "bright" targets.

Download it here!