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Gemini 620pd

The Gemini 620pd is a high-resolution echo sounder from our proven Gemini multibeam imaging sonar technology for a subsea profiling application.

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The Gemini 620pd benefits from the latest technological advances in signal processing. These advances allow the Gemini 620pd to produce high-performance bathymetry data, which is, in turn, output to industry recognised survey packages for processing, including; EIVA, Hypack and QINSy. This data can also be output to the Gemini Hub for accurate timestamping.

Operating at 620kHz, the Gemini 620pd is able to provide 10mm range resolution results with an angular resolution of 0.5 and is able to deal with more varied environments, while continuing to provide high-accuracy performance.

The software package supplied with the Gemini 620pd has been designed to provide the user with the ability to easily and effectively optimise the performance of the system.

Automatic bottom tracking, variable gate setting, gate tilting as well as roll compensation are some of the automated features that ensure a survey can be completed, with minimal user interaction during operation.

Users have the option to run the system in equidistant or equiangular mode, depending on the type of survey being undertaken and the primary area of interest. The Gemini Hub is used to connect up to 2 Gemini 620pd heads. This Gemini Hub is connected to a PC or laptop and ensures all of the data from the other sensors (i.e., GPS, Gyro, MRU and SVS) are accurately synchronised for final post-processing.

Gemini 620pd is depth rated to 4000m and designed to be run in a dual head configuration as a high-speed upgrade for the SeaKing DFP, or in a single head configuration for bathymetry surveys.


The calibration frequency guidance document can be found under the technical notices in the Resources page. To go directly to them click on the link "Technical Notices"

Alternatively, the document can be accessed here: Calibration Frequency Guidance

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