Desistek’s new ROV (SAGA PRO) system, utilizes the Tritech Gemini 1200ik dual frequency sonar. The Gemini 1200ik is the newest product from Tritech and is ideal for long-range target detection and short-range inspection.


Desistek is based in Turkey, where they design and manufacture customizable miniROVs; providing real-time sonar and video from 300m depth with unlimited operational time.

Desistek’s miniROVs are utilized in a number of applications including search and recovery, security, academic research, underwater powerline/pipeline/dam/bridge/pillar/oil/gas inspection and fish farm management operations.


Desistek has been working with Tritech International for over 5 years and has integrated Tritech technology into a number of their vehicles.

More information on Desistek can be found at their website:

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